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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Hi, Anybody knows how to setup LDAP? How can I take advantage of LDAP and SQL Server?
The purpose is to have a centralize employee info and email purposes. Can SQL Server act as LDAP Server? Jon M

Hi Jon, SQL Server itself is not an LDAP database, for employee info and email a natural choice would be Active Directory which does have an LDAP interface and is built for storing employee info Cheers
A distributed query allows the developer to populate a SQL Server table or view with data in the Active Directory or other Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server. ADSI is a system component of Windows 2000 so no additional installation in required on that operating system. If the server’s operating system is Windows NT 4.0, the Active Directory Client Extension (DSClient) for Windows NT 4.0 must be installed. For information on accessing data thru LDAP refer this;EN-US;187529 KBA. I think third party tools will provide a LDAP interface to use with SQL Server. Satya SKJ
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