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Limit concurrent users

Is there a way to limit the number of concurrent users in SQL Server. We only have a 5 client license, and I now have 5 users logged in, hence 1 more user and I am ‘not legal’ anymore. Obviously, I feel that we should buy more licences, but in the meantime, can I limit the number of concurrent users somehow? Thanks. Archer
In Enterprise Manager, go to the server properties click on the connections tab, and you can enter the max number of users there Cheers
I think in the licensing oprion of SQL Server if you set the no. of SQL Licences to 5, it won’t allow 6th client to connect. Gaurav
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Follow Twan’s reference to restrict the no.of connections and for licensing information refer to MSSQL homepage for full details, as some of the licensing patterns were changed recently. HTH Satya SKJ
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Hello, I am also facing the same issue, as we want to restrict Users do not establish coneections more than 10 , I mean user sachin should not establist more that 10 connection to SQL Database. Is it possible ? or is there any to do so? Thanks Sachin Sachin

AFAIK, you cannot the number of connections established by particular user or a particular database, but only the total concurrent connections to the server. Roji. P. Thomas

You might use a murky route to perform this using a trigger, where querying the sysprocesses table and count the number of logins by that user. Moreover I believe this may work for SQL logins and not for NT authenticated logins. Satya SKJ
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Another problem with the number of connections is that the client app may be using more than one connection for any single user.