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linked server query with nvarchar

Hello there,
I have server A(2K5SP1) server B (2k5sp2). I have setup the linked server between them. I am running a Query on Server B it is not reutrning 2 values string. It is retuning only one. If I run same statement with VARCHAR insetad of nVARCHAR it is retutning correct result set. Is there any problem with linked servers with NVARCHAR datatype DECLARE @v_Survey_list nvarchar(4000)
SELECT @v_Survey_list =
COALESCE(rtrim(ltrim(@v_Survey_list)) + ‘, ‘, ”) + ”” + rs.Client_Survey_Code + ””
FROM SOMETABLE rs with(nolock)
WHERE rs.FIELD_ID = 9116
GROUP BY rs.Client_Survey_Code
SELECT @v_Survey_list
What is the data type of the Client_Survey_Code column? And for completeness – what is de collation of that column, and what is the default collation of your current database?