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linked servers and database mirroring

for the databases , in the mirroring the failover will take place and the mirror server will be the principal server.
so what about the linekd servers , suppose we are having some linked server setup from the another server (say – Account(server name)) , to the primary server which is now down . do we need to code anything in the another server , where it’s linked to mirroring , so if failover takes place, the linked servers will also be pointing to the new mirror server , if primary server fails….
I don’t think there is any functionality in linked server configuration which can handle this situation…
I believe you need update your link server configuration… MohammedU.
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As referred database mirroring is only for databases and not on the server wide level, as far such automated connection is concerned BOL refers on clusters
quote:When linked servers are configured in a clustered SQL Server against OLE DB providers that are not shipped with SQL Server 2005, make sure that the OLE DB providers are installed in all nodes of the cluster. Also, any properties that define the linked server should be location transparent; they should not contain information that assumes SQL Server is always running on a specific node of the cluster. The following

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