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lock problem

Hello, I am in charge with the administration of a sql database (I am in charge since a few days and I#%92ll start a course in a couple of weeks).
Presently they make tests and we have a problem.
I do not know if it#%92s an application related problem or a sql setup problem.
There are several users who work at the same time, simultaneously. If one user makes changes in the data base (adding or retrieving data) and then leaves, when the other users wants to make changes as well they are not able to do so as the table is locked.
It#%92s like the first user “commit“ command, is not done and something is waiting after this.
Do you have any idea where the problem is?
Thank you in advance for your kind help, I wait for your advice.
I forgot to tell you that we have a web application and we use a connection pooling with IIS. joanne

Refer to this linkhttp://www.sql-server-performance.com/blocking.asp to minimize blocking andhttp://www.sql-server-performance.com/reducing_locks.asp tips to reduce locks when the query is processed. Also run Performance Monitor and Profiler to find more information about all process.
BRW: Did you have a manteinance plan with Update Statistics and/or Rebuild? Luis Martin
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Hi, Just to say you that I solved the problem. They changed the MS sql driver with a BEA’s WebLogic Driver and now all work very well. Thanks anyway.