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locking down public and guest accounts

I’m trying to COMPLETELY!! lock down the guest & public accounts so that when I create a new user (without any privledges what so ever) that new user can’t access anything. The problem I see is that no matter what I do, the new user can still access certain system tables in the master database. I don’t want anyone having access to the master database what so ever. Here is what I did to lock down both accounts. I denied all from both the guest and puclic accounts, then revoke connect from the guest account, then I disabled the guest account in the computer management console in administrative tools. Am I doing something wrong? EXEC sp_MSforeachdb ‘use [?] deny all from guest’ EXEC sp_MSforeachdb ‘use [?] deny all from public’ EXEC sp_MSforeachdb ‘use [?] if db_id() not between 1 and 2 begin REVOKE CONNECT FROM GUEST end’

Check the lockdown script http://www.sqlsecurity.com/Tools/LockdownScript/tabid/64/Default.aspx ——————
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