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Lockups and blank processes

So lately I’ve been getting calls occasionally about system performance. First thing I do is check for cases of blocking as the system has a history of it. I execute some stored procedures which find long running processes with locks or processes waiting for locks. I check these processes in Activity Monitor and when I select "Details" after choosing the process in Activity Monitor, the Last T-SQL Command Batch is nothing. No SQL statement at all. Is this normal in the case of locked up processes? Do you think it’s a crashed program on one of the clients causing the problem? This seems to be the only theory that I can think of.
http://sqljunkies.com/Article/7F8518F9-FDAA-4FF3-8FC5-25E8946C8D0C.scuk – take a look at it even though it refers SQL 2000 as most of it applies to 2005 too. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/bestpractice/performance_tuning_waits_queues.mspx also a good one to check. Satya SKJ
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