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log/audit of allocation size changes?

I have a strange situation where a customer is claiming that someone in my organisation (we support the customer’s database) has reduced the allocation size of their database. I’m pretty sure this is incorrect but I can’t find any information that is recorded when allocation sizes of a database’s data file are changed. I’ve even reproduced the action of changing allocation sizes to see if it would be recorded anywhere and I can find it – no mentions in the SQL Server Logs as viewed from EM and nothing in Event Viewer application/system log either. Can anyone tell if such changes are recorded anywhere? Clive
Based on my understanding, this would be only recorded in the log file, but SQL Server does not allow you to access the log file to see what happened. You would need a third party tool, such as Log Explorer from www.lumigent.com, in order to view what had happened. You can download a trial copy of it from their website. Also, for this to work, you need to have a copy of the log available.
Brad M. McGehee