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LOg file -Shink -LOGIC

Hi all , I had one log file of size 7MB and used space was .64MB .I shrunk the log file and did a truncation, and now , size is still 7MB
used space is .34MB . I did truncation in a view to reduce physical log size to atleast 1MB of size,but surprisingly its still 7MB even though used is .34MB .Does it mean i cant release extra space to OS ? rajiv
BOL refers:
If target_size is specified, DBCC SHRINKFILE attempts to shrink the file to the specified size. Used pages in the part of the file to be freed are relocated to available free space in the part of the file retained. For example, if there is a 10-MB data file, a DBCC SHRINKFILE with a target_size of 8 causes all used pages in the last 2 MB of the file to be reallocated into any available free slots in the first 8 MB of the file. DBCC SHRINKFILE does not shrink a file past the size needed to store the data in the file. For example, if 7 MB of a 10-MB data file is used, a DBCC SHRINKFILE statement with a target_size of 6 shrinks the file to only 7 MB, not 6 MB. Satya SKJ
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