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LOg on problem

While log in to the server 2005 I am gettin following error:
A connection was successfully established but then an error occurred. Error: 0233 Provider: Shared memory provider error: 0- No Process is on the other end of the pipe. In SQL Configuration manager I have checked via and Named pipes and shared memory and TCP/IP. All of those are enabled. Why this problem pops up? I am unable to fix this.
When I do this next time this gives Microsoft error 4064. Ashish Johri
this may help uhttp://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=1256877&SiteID=1 Madhu
It’s because you can’t open your default database – check this article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307864/en-us
Have you patched your SQL server installation with service pack 1?
Hi one thing more. I am able to login to the DB with Windows authentication but problem comes when I try to login as a SQl server authentication. Regards,
Ashish Ashish Johri
Thanks a ton. Problem was that I didn’t set the default DB for my login id. Once I set it Master this is working. Thanks all and one who participated in solving my problem. Regards,
Ashish Ashish Johri
Disable shared-memory and check what is the authentication of SQL Server. Satya SKJ
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Thanks Satya and all for the responses. Regards,
Ashish Ashish Johri