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log shipping form enterprise edition to standard

Can i make use of logshipping in sql2000 enterprise edition to logship in to a sql2000 server with standard edition. regards
As far as I know logshipping requires source and target to be enterprise edition… You can set up your own form of log shipping by backing up the logs, then copying them to the target server (or a shared network drive) and then restoring them at the target Cheers
Yes, the target database also (unfortunately) must be an enterprise edition. Pardon me for my language but I think that’s stupid. I don’t know why I should waste an Enteprise license on a standby server. I’m using the Logshipping procedure found in an old Backoffice resource kit CD and I’m happy with it.
Take help of this articlehttp://www.sql-server-performance.com/sql_server_log_shipping.asp which defines the process.
Satya SKJ