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Logging eahc login

Hi there. Is there a way to log each time a user logs in/out of SQL? We’re using integrated autentication. I mean, I have no control over the process of this user logging in/out.
He may be reading data thru any program at any time. I guess that activating some policy there’s a way to make SQL write into the windows security log. is that right? Or is there a way to log into the SQL server log? Thanx.

You can enable auditing in SQL Server for this purpose. Go to Server properties click on Security tab and modify Audi level.
Oh, I’m ashamed, [:I] … it’s so simple…. Thanx man.

But make sure the drive which stores SQL binaries has enough disk space as this setting will bulge the sQL error log file and should not have issues of space on that drive. HTH Satya SKJ
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