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Logging of DBA actions

A beginner question.
I understand that "SQL Server supplies an auditing capability to track user logins, object accesses, administrator actions, etc" (from following websitehttp://www.radium.ncsc.mil/tpep/epl/entries/TTAP-CSC-EPL-00-001.html).
Is it possible to log *all* administrator actions a "secure" way, i.e. the admins cannot delete the logs they generated.
If not, is there a possibility to create "user" accounts with full admin privileges except the ability to delete user generated logs. Cheers, Johann.
You can if you trace capture the trace on another server and restrict their access from it. ??? MeanOldDBA
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To addup Derrick’s tip review information from these
http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/prodtech/dbsql/sql2kaud.mspx – articles. Satya SKJ
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