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Login problem – its urgentttttt

HI, there is one account domain-1mssqldba i usedto login to server.now the domain changed to domain2, and i got a mail from client like this.Please anyone tell me if tht possible??? can u pls give a tip.
now sql server has a two logins 1)SA 2)domain-1/mssqldba
i have loged in to winNT usin domain-2/mssqldba but i can access sql server as b4 without any pbm even ther is no login domain-2/mssqldba the mail i got is…
"sql server has a SQL dba rights issues that need to be updated for the domain….
specifically-permissions are tied to domain-1mssqldba and they need to be changed to a local system account or sa…"
pls help me wit this… newbie DBA
Hi ya, which logins are allowed on the sql server. There could be NT groups which give this user permission… e.g. the administrators group Cheers
Not sure I understand what your issue is. You can login with domain-2mssqldba but you don’t see it as a user in the SQL Server? Then it’s most likely so that the login belongs to the server or domain administrator group and you have the role BUILTINAdministrators under the SQL Server logins. Then the login will have the same rights as this group.
ya i couldnt explain the issue well, as i was much worried to finish the issue :=)<br /><br />ok i solved the pbm by creatin a new login for DOMAIN-2/MSSQLDBA .and run al the jobs with the new account. But i hav one doubt .ther is one job which run only on sunday.as i edited the account info in the job properties, how do i check if its fine or not.any other way without starting tht job? becos it takes 9hrs to complete tht job <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />) . i saw one refresh option there.wht it is for ?<br /><br /><br /><br />Rajiv<br />SQL-DBA
Only way is to let the job run. The refresh option is just to refresh the job data in Enterprise Manager. Enterprise Manager does not refresh the data by itself.