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Lost Transactions.

Does anyone know at what point SQL will throw out a transaction if it gets too old..? We are seeing on an OVERLY taxed machine our chages either saving a minute or 2 later, or in worst case scenario not at all..
And if so is there a way to track down this information..?? -David Roesch
San Diego, Ca
SQL will never throw out an active transaction even if it is running for long. There is query governer cost limit option that disallows a ‘query’ to run if it is expected to take longer that pre-defined limit. But, that only applies to queries. Run a profiler to see why the transactions are taking so long. The changes are not saving because the transaction may be failing for some reason.
To read the TLog you must use third party application LOG EXPLORER fromhttp://www.lumigent.com which is easy and understandble to maintain Tlog. If not able to opt the tool then as advised by Chakri, you can use PROFILER to check thru. _________
Satya SKJ