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Lost user login

This morning I restored a development database from backup while we are testing new software. Unfortunately now I have a weird discrepancy in one of my sql users. Selecting the users node in Enterprise Manager, shows a single user, dbo. However, when I go into roles, I can see the role the user was previously added to. Examining properties of that role, displays the actual user! When I try to connect using that user account, it complains that default database no longer exists. Querying the sysusers table, the user record still exists.
What is going on here? Why isnt enterprise manager showing the user record in the users screen when its in sysusers? Thanks
Did you resynch the logins after the database restore? If not, doing so may fix the problem. See this url for help: http://www.sql-server-performance.com/q&a27.asp ——————
Brad M. McGehee
Thanks Brad, this did the trick!