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LSN Error with a suspect database

I’m having issues trying to restore a database. This issue was handed down to me, so I’ll detail as best as possible. The log files filled up on the drive. Rather than backing up and truncating the log, somehow they got it into Suspect mode, trying other things (non SQL people). I tried to create new log files using, but couldn’t since the db is in that state. I successfully detached the database, but when I tried to reattach, I get an LSN error. Msg 9003
The LSN (226315:91:1) passed to log scan in database ‘ARSystem’ is invalid. Connection Broken Can anyone help?!? This is really important to recover…
See if this helps…;en-us;281122 Gaurav
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I tried website one, and now I get a new error: Msg 5105
Device activation error. The physical file name ‘m:ARLog.ldf’ may be incorrect. Website two, I get a message saying that the update catalogs feature needs to be set by the SysAdmin. When I go to the properties for the server and check mark that function, it doesn’t retain it. I go back to the tab, and it still remains unclick. Not sure what to make of that. Website three didn’t offer much assistance. Help?!?

Valid reference by Gaurav, what was the exact error message when trying the second referral? As referred detach the database using SP_DETACH_DB and reattach using SP_ATTACH_SINGLE_FILE_DB which will create new log file to process. _________
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