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maintenance plan, best practices

Hi, For sql server 2000 I never used the maintenance plan, I always used jobs to solve my maintenance problems. This year I will migrate to the 2005 version and I would like to know if you already used that, if the maintenance plan is stronger, because I do not find information concerning the best practices. Thank you very much for your comments, suggestions and… sorry for my english

There had been a change in the Maintenance plan between SQL 2000 and 2005, for information on the features of 2005 refer to link. You will not find any such information on the best practices, if the procedure you are performing is getting you the good results without much hassle or issues then consider you are in a good practice round. For further information on MP refer to link too. Satya SKJ
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If you are used to creating your own jobs, then I would continue doing so after you move to 2005. If anything, the 2005 maintenance plans are harder to use than 2005 maintenance plans. —————————–
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Many thanks for your suggestions