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Maintenance Plan / MSDB issue

I’ve run into an issue that I can’t seem to solve. I recently moved all of our company SQL 7 databases, including master, model and msdb to a new SQL 7 server with a different name. Everything is running fine except for one strange oddity. The log files for the maintenance plans show the name of the old server rather than the new. I’ve verified that only the databases on the new server are being backed up, reindexed, etc. Yet the maintenance logs keep telling me that the plans were run on the old server name. Also, when I select ‘display error log’ from the SQL server Agent properties, then select information type, one of the lines reads ‘SQL Server "OLD SERVERNAME". Anyone have any ideas on this? Do I need to make a change to MSDB or Master now that they’ve been restored to a different server with a different machine name?
Run this stored procedure: "sp_dropserver <old server name>" Run this stored procedure: "sp_addserver <new server name>, local" Before you do this, be sure to read up on these stored procedures in the Books Online to ensure that you fully understand the implications of these commands.
Brad M. McGehee
I’m pretty sure re-running the SQL Server Setup process will correct the problem, too. It’s been a while since I changed my server name, but I think that is how I repaired the problem.
Brad, is correct, Books Online has several recommendations on how to repair this and MSDN does, too. ———-
T Kelley
AS Brad referred it is the easy solution rather re-building the whole system again. Enhancements made from version 2K as compared to 7. HTH Satya SKJ