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Maintenance plan recommendation

I have taken over for a previous dba at a company this week and I am examining the maintenance plans created by the person before me. They have one maintenance plan set do full backups AND tran log back ups once a week for 11 DB’s. My question is this- Does that seem a bit much to put under one plan? Is there a good number of DB’s (I would have thought only one per plan)that I can break this down to? I am witnessing some failures in the tranlog backup steps and want to isolate them. Thanks!
First of all good luck for your new responsibility. In order to troubleshoot those maint.plan failure refer to this KBA;en-us;288577 which will give basic idea to resolve. If the database sizes are big enough then its ideal to seperate the plans individually or merge small databases in one plan. This will give you more lenght to find out which is failing and which is working. Refer to other articles in this website about Performance tuning. Satya SKJ
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If the database is very much used, I would recommend increasing the log backup frequency. Gaurav
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