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Maintenance Plans Fail

I have setup several SQL servers, so I am OK with a majority of the problems. I have run into one that I don’t understand. My maintenance plan job keeps failing. When I look at the back files the pack portion is creating, all the DBs backup except master and msdb. I am pretty sure the jobs are failing because of access issues to the master and/or msdb DBs. Why will these backup on the other servers, but not this one? Thanks to anyone that responds.
Are you sure you have selected Master/MSDB database in maintenance plan?
did you select below radio option: – All user databases (All databases other then Master, Model and MSDB)
— Can you explain in little more detail what exactly you want to say/problem is? Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
Take help from this KBA;en-us;288577 to troubleshoot the maint.plans. Satya SKJ
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