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Making a new ODBC- Connection, Server Name

I’ve successfully installed Apache, PHP and MYSQL server on my desktop pc. What a feet! How many people can say they’ve done that, newbies anyway. But now I’m trying to sort out an ODBC data source. I’m stuck on the question:
"Which sql server do you want to connect to?" I’ve tried localhost, the IP listed in WinMySQLMyAdmin(my IP address) and neither work. Because I’m connecting via localhost, I’m not sure what it should be called. I’ve changed the port number via, "client configuration" but the best I can get is an, SQL Error 11 as follows: Connection Failed
SQL State: ‘01000’
SQL Server error 11
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER][TCP/IP Sockets]Connection Open(PreLoginHandshake()).
Connection failed:
SQL STATE: 08001
SQL server error 11
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER][TCP/IP Sockets]General Network Error. Check your network docummentation. I’m using, MYSQL: 4.0.22, Apache 2.0.49 and PHP 4.310 win32. Please bear in mind that I am new to this sort of thing.
Hi ya, you’re mixing two different products… MySQL is an open source database, the ODBC driver you’re using is a Microsoft SQL Server driver. You’d need to use a MySQL ODBC driver or a generic one for this to work Chers
I can’t believe I did made that mistake. I’m using the 3.51 (correct driver) now for connection. But I’m still having problems with connecting. It doesn’t want to know my combinations of user and pass, and I don’t know what to put into the server box.

The databases listed in WinMySQLAdmin, what the heck are those, where do they come from? Really stupid questions coming now, you’ll just have to bear with me.

Hi ya, I’m not sure what the problem might be… this is a forum for Microsoft SQL Server, there are problably forums for MySQL on the web which may be better equipped to deal with your issue… Cheers
Okay. But I have a simple question, I can run a microsoft access database on mysql server can’t I? The whole issue of ODBCs, mysql, sql, databases listed in mysqlmyadmin, and databases I want to use, i.e. .mdb files is really confusing…
H iya, I would assume that if MySQL has an ODBC driver then yes you can use MS Access to query against it… first step is to get the DBC driver installed and working (i.e. set up an ODBC data source using that driver to the database that you want to connect to and then click the Test Connection button to see that it works) this is not based on personal experience as I’ve not had any real dealings with MySQL Cheers

Here is the link, which talk about ODBC setup for MySQL and accessing MS-Access. Some good link about MySQL development and administration. and
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I’ve managed to intergrate access with MYSQL server by exporting the tables and then importing them from the server. That works well as when you make changes in access they are recognised by the server and php etc. The next step will be to work out usernames and passwords for sqlserver and the get using sql cc to actually start making dbs for the server. Thanks for all the help.