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Matin Plan (t-log bkups) hangs at end

I have a maint plan that backups up the t-logs (and one for the databases) of all the user databases, while executing, the job runs nice and fast, but at the very end, when all the backups are complete and you expect to see the job status to change from ‘Executing’ to ‘Not Running’, it doesn’t. the report is missing the last portion also, which should be :
"End of maintenance plan ‘All_usr_General’ on 10/24/2004 3:00:30 PM
SQLMAINT.EXE Process Exit Code: 0 (Success)" The job is running under the PC’s administrator account Anybody know why ?
Is there a way to set a more verbose output ?
(the output file didn’t give very much information)
What SQL and SP do you have? Luis Martin
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SQL Server Enterprise 2000 SP3a
As usual I suggest to refer to this KBA;en-us;288577 for trouble-shooting the mainte. plans. If possible to try to differentiate the backup of database and backup of transaction logs to 2 different jobs and monitor the events. Satya SKJ
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