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Matrix report issuw

I developed a report using the new matrix control. In the report I have 2
rowsgroups(monthname of the orderdate as parent,the orderdate as the 2nd one)
and 1 columngroup(year of the orderdate). In the details field i have 4
column fields Ordercount,Order valuee in $’s, Shipped value in $’s,Total
Shipped value in $’s. In my dataset i have restricted it for 2 years 2005 and 2006. the report
runs as desired breaking the month datewise and showing the values of each
date for the 2 years side by side. The problem however is that i need to add a new column at the end,i.e.,
after the value for 2007 has been rendered. In this column i need to find out the difference between the ordercount in
2007 as compared to 2006 for each date monthwise. Can any one please tell me how can i access the ordercount values for a
particular date for the 2 year values and put the difference in the new
column at the end. The report shud look something like this 2006 2007 (ordcnt)
January ordercnt order($) ship($) tot($) ordercnt order($) ship($) tot($)| Change
1/1/2007 2 25 50 70 15 56 400 500 13
1/2/2007 3 100 150 200 45 566 456 456 42
1/31/2007 6 300 430 600 56 356 567 563 50
I just need to plaace the last column in the matrix report. Any help will be greatly appreciate. thanks

Using SSIS in BIDS you can set a pre-compiled value by taking the required columns, if you are using Analysis Services then there are Measures that will take care such pre-defined values. Satya SKJ
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