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Max memory for SQL 2000 standard 64bit

Hello, I am trying to find out how much ram can be used by SQL in a server running,
Windows 2003 server 64 bit with 8-10gb of ram installed.
with SQL 2000 standard 64 bit edition. Finding how much ram can be used by SQL 2000 standard 32 bit is easy, 2gb or 3 with AWE, but I can not locate this information for the 64bit. Thank you for any help you can provide. Robert
sql 2000 64-bit is Itanium, do you have Itanium
or did you mean SQL 2005
Itanium? I am not sure how to refer to that. We have a DL385 server with AMD 64 Opteron. 2005 server is not what we have or will be installing. Custom software from our vendor requires 2000 SQL only. In later releases hopefuly we can move towards 2005, but for now I am needing "2000 SQL server standard 64 bit". Thank you for your reply and help! I hope this helps clarify.
then you will be installing SQL Server 2000 32-bit there is no such thing as SQL Server 2000 64-bit except on Itanium, ie, no for Opteron with SQL 2000 Std Ed, max VAS is 2GB, of which SQL will be using approx 1.7GB physical memory
the rest of the ram will help keep your room warm
Well that is a huge bummer! Thanks for the clarification. Is there a way to install the 32bit SQL version on the 64bit AMD 2003 server? One other thing, if we did have an Itanium server with 64bit OS… how much ram could be used by SQL 64bit then? Thanks for your wonderful help!