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Max Memory in Standard Edition

I was looking at the difference between Standard and Enterprise Editions. One of the Enterprise edition feature was “Ability to support more RAM (up to 64GB instead of only 2GB)”. I have Standard Edition on a server with 3.5GB and EM shows Maximum of 3584MB under Memory tab in SQL Server Properties. I am confused that Standard Edition is using only 2GB or more on my server. Would you update me?
standard edition will only use up to 2GB no matter how much RAM you have on the server Cheers
I think that setting in EM shows the Max Memory the SQL Server box has. If you need to find the amount of memory SQLS erver is using, monitor Private Bytes for SQL Server process in Perfmon. BTW, this is valid ONLY if the server is not using AWE memory. Otherwise you need to monitor "Total Server memory" from SQL Server Memory Manager. From BOL: Use System Monitor (Performance Monitor in Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0) to retrieve information on SQL Server memory usage and available memory. Task Manager does not provide accurate memory usage information for AWE. Therefore, the memory quoted for sqlservr.exe is not correct. To obtain the correct amount of SQL Server memory usage, you can use the Total Server Memory (KB) performance counter. Thanks,
— Sri
True and for accurate information collect PERFMON counter SQL Server:Memory object. Satya SKJ
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