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Max number of configured users already connected.

Hi, I am getting the following error in SQL Server 65 (sp3). Microsfot listed this as a bug. BUG #: 17987 (SQLBUG_65)Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 189039. But I could not find any soluction or work around for this problem. Can any one help. Error Message: Source: ods
Unable to connect. The maximum number of 350 configured user
connections are already connected. System Administrator can configure
to a higher value with sp_configure.

Try changing the no. of licences for SQL Server on windows NT licence manager in control panel. What is the no. of SQL Server connections in sp_configure? Gaurav
As specified by Gaurav increase the connections by editing server properties –> configure —> configuration tab and User connections, if this persists. Also you can avoid this message restart SQL Services which will clear the latch. _________
Satya SKJ