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Measuring Query Time

When I run a query in Query Analyzer i see the time that the query took in the status bar area. When a query takes less than 1 second, I get 0:00:00 for the total amount of time it took to run the query. Is there a way to find out exactly how long the query actually took to run? thanks.

I don´t remember if there is any option in SQL Analizer, but using Profiler you will find in miliseconds how much it take.
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I cant remember where it is in sql2000, but in sql7 options, you can find a check box that says ‘show query time’. chris
Can you use a GETDATE() function before the start of the query and store in a variable and then at the end calculate the time taken for the query to execute. Also I think time statistics can be shown using SET options. Gaurav
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Yes, you can use SET STATISTICS TIME ON/OFF to measure your time.
To get accurate results, you might want to consider using DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS and/or DBCC FREEEPROCCACHE. See BOL for details and please don’t do this on a production server!!! Frank
declare @d datetime
select @d = getdate()
select count(*) from pubs.dbo.authors
select datediff(ms, @d, getdate())
1) In Query Analyzer, Click the ‘Query’ menu
2) Select ‘Show Server Trace’
3) Run the query
4) Click the new tab called ‘Trace’ at the bottom