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Memory and hardware – safer or sorry

I have a general question for all of you who buy lots of hardware (which I don’t do at the moment).I note that memory purchased from server hardware suppliers costs significantly more than memory purchased from 3rd parties (such as Crucial & Kingston). I am talking about Intel/AMD based hardware here.
Do many of you buy the minumun memory from the hardware manufacturer then top up from 3rd party suppliers or is this just the ramblings of a madman.
The same question for hard drives.
My assumption is that much of this kit comes from a small number of "real" manufacturers then gets re-badged.
yes there can a larger difference,
the bigger the difference, the more you should bug the reseller for a discount if you do order minimum memory, i suggest you take it out, and lock it away in a safe place.
put in all matching memory from your third party source,
matching memory part number, not just capacity and rating
(Crucial may have equivalent parts, but call them to get all matching parts)
this means its better to order all the memory at once instead of some now, some later. if you ever need the vendor to do repair work, take out the third party memory, put back in the original (which you stored in a safe location) i like to buy disks direct because i can specify a specific disk vendor and model number, which system vendors will not guarantee, only 15K 36G etc but you will need the OEM, model specific mounting brackets, which i have bought from the source below World Data Products
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Sounds sensible advice as always.
I take it you try and buy all your disks from one manufacturer so you can have 1 or 2 spares lying around as opposed to 1 or 2 spares from each manufacturer ?
Is there a favourite disk manufacturer (for SAS) ? Or are they all much of a muchness.
Seagate 10K and 15K drives have been good to me,
Fujitsu also,
not much experience with Maxtor (did they get bought?) had consistency problems with Seagate 7200rpm drives, but thats consumer oriented, not server
Yes Seagate have bought Maxtor.