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Memory or procesor problem

Hi !
I monitored one of my servers and
noticed that system processor queue lenth average=4
and it stays on 3 almost all the time.
This SQL Server 2000 sp3 on Windows 2000 server
1 processor : x86 family 6 model 11 stepping 1 GenueneIntel ~1263Mhz
Memory 256 Mb
Looking on this server capacity I would say that we need more RAM.
But memory counters are actually good:
sql: buffer cashe hit ratio 98-100 (only once for 1 min went to 67)
memory pages/sec avg=1 but there is a moments when number jumb from 50-1900
but just for a few seconds (30-45 sec) Why I am getting bad counters for processor when it obvious that I need more RAM
If all optimization task was done I think you need more processor capacity and more memory.
I don’t think if you duplicate memory, your processor issues will fixed.
Luis Martin
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The most common tools required to investigate high CPU utilization are the System Monitor (a.k.a. the Performance Monitor), SQL Profiler, and the Blocker Script. More information about the Blocker Script can be found from the KBA Keep in mind a few key counters/objects of these tools when investigating high CPU issues. Here is the breakdown: 1. System Monitor with the following counters:
• Processor –> % Processor Time
• Process –> % Processor Time (all processes)
• Thread –> % Processor Time (all threads of the SQL Server Instance)
• SQL Server –> SQL Statistics/SQL Compilations/sec
• SQL Server –> SQL Statistics/SQL Re-Compilations/sec
• Server Work Queues –> Queue Length Resolving high CPU utilization issues can be very time-consuming, especially when you don’t know where the problem lies. Try to solve the problem, and not the symptoms. With proper optimization techniques, such as adding proper indexes, redesigning badly written queries, and so on, you can avoid almost all of these issues. Satya SKJ
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Thank you: i started monitoring