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Memory release

I have sql 2000 standart addition. 2304K memory
Dynamicly configure memory from 0 to 1997K
Virtual memory is configured :2046K-4092K On a usual day Commit Change -> total =300mb
But twice a month there is some program or DTS (i am not sure) that insert
in DB big amount of data.
After that
Commit Change -> total =1.9 G
And it stay like this up to the server restart. I was informed that this server has problem right after that program run. The user that use program wich is install on different computer but connect
to THis SQL as a backuend for their program ,complain that their computers
will hang .
Is 1.9 virtual memory is the problem?
I also monitored Memory/available bytes
It never goes below 200 mb.

How about PERFMON counters like memory, physical disk while this server is being stressed out? Take help of PROFILER if any of the queries are taking too long.
As a thum rule, the virtual memory (PAGEFILE.SYS file) setting for your operating system should be set to an amount equal to 3 times the amount of physical RAM. Satya SKJ
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SQL Server will grab memory as it needs and will then only release it if it is needed by other processes (by detecting low available memory conditions) This is unlikely to be the case of end-user computers hanging Cheers