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Memory Upgrade

My company is planning on doing a memory upgrade on one of the sql servers. Please give some ideas on the follwoing questions considering not knowing the current system. I couldn’t find any articles on net. What are the requirements to run a SQL server database with 16GB of RAM? Once the requirements are met, what steps do you take in the Software
configuration to make use of the 16 GB of RAM? Thanks in advance.
for SQL 2000, you will need W2K Advanced Server, or W2K3 Enterprise Edition, or DataCenter you will also need SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition if using the 32-bit W2K3, set /PAE in the boot.ini file
set SQL Server to use AWE

IIRC, Windows 2000 Advanced only supports 8GB of memory.
Thank u so much for the reply. Could u please forward me an article link that explains AWE settings. Also how about the processor requriements? Disk space? RAID set up etc. I know it all depends on the business need, but what will be the perfect settings for 16 GB memory? The database is in Terra bytes. And 1000s of OLTP transactions a day. Thanks again
One to read:
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KBAs;en-us;274750&sd=tech to take care when memory is more than 2gb. – when AWE enabled. for relevancy. Satya SKJ
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Thank u all for the information. Highly appreciated.