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Microsoft Sql Server has reported error #4214

We have a third party backup tool which takes backup every night.Previous night the backup was delayed automatically.(by almost 5 started 5 hours lately.I checked the event viewer and sql log file but havent found any error.More over we have 4 db servers.and this is the case with each one.
I checked the tool logs to find out the error,I had found one error
Microsoft Sql Server has reported error #4214. Now after going thru BOL,reg this err I found this explaination
To restore the database after failure, you must begin either with a full database backup, or with a partial or complete set of file backups. Either this database has never been backed up, or a BACKUP LOG statement was executed after switching from the Simple Recovery model to Full or Bulk-Logged recovery before a database or file backup was performed. Therefore, the log backup just completed is not useful. Action
Perform a full database backup before backing up the log. Now I am wondering that How can this delayed the starting of backup process?
Please resolve my issue
This error is not delaying the backup. The error just mean that you need to perform a full backup before you start backing the transaction log. If your backup is not starting in time or is delayed I would look into the 3rd party tool and its logs.

I think some how you have missed the full backup. then you are trying to get a log back which is not vald What is this tool
have a look a this technet article, hope it helps AKTHAR DILMOHAMUD
The name of tool is legato Networker.Argyle,do u mean to say the delayed problem is with the tool and not bcoz of sql server
I assume the tool has a scheduler service? And that the tool has some kind of logging of it’s activities? And if the scheduled job is delayed and does not start in time the first step is to look at this tool and not sql server.
Yes the tool has a scheduler.But it doesnt create any kind of jobs on sql server.Moreover this is the first time I have faced any issue with this tool.<br />But I am wondering how come this tool has changed its scheduling automatically.<br />May be it is a undocumented feature of tool <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />
Again it came as a shocking news to me when I checked the log of the tool.
From the day the recovery mode from simple to full of some databases I am getting the error in the log file of a third party backup tool.other databases with simple recovery model havent reported error
Microsoft SQL Server has reported error #4214.How ever this error is not logged in sql server error log or windows event log.Here is the scnerio of my server
My backup tool take a back up every night at 9pm.After that no users are connected to db.I have a truncate log job which run at early morning at 2am,when no users are connected to db.
Recovery model of user databases is full.Now what should I do or how should I reschedule the truncatelog job so that I can fix this error.
I guess taking a full back up now might help.But I cant change the scheduling of backup tool due to some internal reasons.

The tool uses SQL Server API’s to perform the backups. That’s why any info end up in the logs of the tool. If the recovery model change from simple the full, it’s no surprise that you get the 4214 errors since it specifically states that you will get this error if you do not perform a full backup before doing a log backup. So just make sure you do a full backup before you do transaction log backups.
Our scenerio is such that we truncate the log file every day ,and full backup on weekend.I cant take full backup everyday.So again this error comes.Is there is any way ..or any good scheduling plan by which I can eliminate this error. Does this error may cause any serious problem to server..Pls share your experiences
What is reason behind not performing full backup every day as you’re losing the database consistency by truncating the log and if anything happens then you have data from last week backup only. ABout error 4214 refer link. Satya SKJ
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