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Migrate DTS to SSIS

I have migrated DTS to SSIS using wizard, I can see it under MSDB when connecting Integration Service, and I would like to open it from BIDS to do some editing, but could not find it anywhere?

Did you store the package as a file or within MSDB?
See what books online is referring:
To use Management Studio to view packages that you have migrated within Business Intelligence Development Studio
  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, if it is not already open.
    • Connect to the local instance of Integration Services.
      • In Object Explorer, expand the instance, and then expand the Stored Packages node.
        After you migrate packages from BI Development Studio, the migrated packages are saved to the file system folder that you specified. You have to import the packages to view them in Management Studio. The next step depends on whether you want to store the migrated packages in SQL Server or the file system.
        • Import and view the migrated packages by doing one of the following steps:
          • If you migrated the packages to SQL Server, right-click the MSDB node, and then select Import package to import and view the migrated packages.
            • If you migrated the packages to the file system, right-click the File System node and then select Import package to import and view the migrated packages.


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