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Migrating from Access XP to SQL 2000

I’ve got two Access databases one links to the other. When I take the master table being linked to by the other and move it to SQL I have performance issues. First off I cannot just use upsize wizard because then the other table cannot link to the second because we cannot link to ADP files. If I migrate data into SQL and then link to it, you find you cannot link to a linked table either. This leave me migrating data and then going to the first database and linking it directly to SQL. Despite all attempts to index as efficiently as possible the first datbase runs about 6x slower when linked to SQL instead of linked to another Access MDB. Were dealing with a goodly sized table about 6 mil records so I was certain SQL would be faster. Anyone have any info on a better way to approach this move to SQL?
Check: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/2000/deploy/bldsysarch.mspx Luis Martin
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