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Migrating MySQL 4.0.13-max-nt to SQL 2005

Hello everyone, can somebody help me out migrating MySQL 4.0.13-max-nt database to SQL 2005.
I have never worked on mysql before. I have been provided a weblink to administer my SQL database server. I am not quite sure on how to use the weblink Please advice. Thanks in advance fazal
There used to be some detailed description on the MS sites. However I can’t find them right now. But I would still start there as www.microsoft.com/sql Probably it was on TechNet or MSDN… —
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Check the following…it is for sql 2000 but it should work for 2005 too… http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/2000/deploy/mysql.mspx
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Whats that Weblink tool you are referring?
Is it a third party one?
DO you have direct access to that SQL 2005 database? Satya SKJ
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