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Migration from MSSQL2000 to MSSQL2005

We are now on a migration from MSSQL2000 to MSSQL2005. Can someone tell me how to make a backup in a sql clustered environment (MSSQL 2000) and how to restore that backup in clustered environment (MSSQL2005)? The db is on clustered.. do i need to backup each db on each node? or just backup the active node’s db?
-this procedure is the same as any sqlserver backup /restore procedure. Clustered or not.
(your db’s are on shared resources, so one backup will do) Keep in min you cannot restore a sql2000 master to a sql2005 master db. So script your users /passwords, … to be able to recreate them at your new server. DTS ? There is an upgrade wizard in BI-dev studio. Your biggest effort will be to get used to the new SSMS and the way BI dev studio is integrated.

Backup/restore process is the same way in cluster and noncluster environments…
Before doing any upgaredes run the upgrade adviser …
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/…6b-7e05-4322-a677-95ab44f12d75&displaylang=en Take a look… http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/2005/sqlupgrd.mspx
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Backup in a clustered or non-clustered environment is no different, you should be able to follow with above links.
As databases are not cluster aware as it stands on the SQL system. Satya SKJ
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