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Migration Oracle to SQL Server

HI DBA-friends,
What i need is i want to migrate Oracle 8i database which is not in a normalised form and its very old from which i have to dump all the data without any loss and also i want normalise after migrating to sql server. Is there any tool for this so that i can do it automatically within less time.
Immediate reply is appreciated.
You can use DTS is to data transfer from Oracle to SQL Server
See if this helps:http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/sql/2000/all/reskit/en-us/part2/c0761.mspx
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If u dontm ind can u plz breif me in detail hoe i can perform that through DTS, i have no idea dude, anyways thanks for ur immediate reply.
Run the DTS wizard first,
Select Oracle as the source and SQL Server as the Destination. Wizard is simple you can understand while runnning them