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Minimum password length

Hi all, Is there any setting I can do to have minimum password length in sql server user.
No. You can build restrictions into a client application for this, but that isn’t a structural solution. If you can use Windows authentication, you have the full options for password policies …

You have to wait for 2005 to do that.
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Yes in SQL server 2005 you can do this When installed on Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005 can exploit the operating system’s password policies for SQL Server logins. This translates into more secure passwords and fewer opportunities for brute-force attacks to occur on the database server. SQL Server 2005 supports both password complexity rules (ensuring minimum length, enforcing combinations of alphabetical and numeric characters, and so on) and password expiration policies (ensuring that old passwords must be changed). To use these features, DBAs can set the CHECK_POLICY and CHECK_EXPIRATION options using the ALTER LOGIN statement.