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Missing trigger

Actually, the title may be misleading, because I am not certain a trigger is involved. Here is the situation: I had a table that acted as if it had a trigger. Whenever data in a certain column was changed (The column name was status) to "c" (For continue) the row was exported to a different database, and that cell’s value was changed to "s" (For sent). This happened immediately (Or at least, faster than you can re-query). This lead me to believe that a trigger was responsible for this. Today, this stopped working. The table is filled with "c"s and the rows aren’t exporting themselves. The table also has no trigger associated with it. Now, before I conclude that the trigger was somehow deleted, I’d like to know if there is something other than a trigger that can cause what I described. Thanks
May monitor the activity using PROFILER during this operation.
BTW, any changes occured to SQL setup recently such as service packs etc. Satya SKJ
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hmm…Is the Table INSERT done by an Stored Proc? if so, you can check if it was responsible for additioal export of data and further modification of data to "S".
I found the cause. There was a service that monitored the table and did what I described,
which failed to start today. Thanks.