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Mode In SQL 2005

WE are in the process of migrating sql 2000 database to sql 2005 database. Now the datbase is running under test box under the native mode (80). devloper is complaining that the process is very slow comparing to sql 2000. Shall i change it to 90. Does this will increase the performance or give me some more tips to increase the performace in sql 2005. Moosa
after upgrading did you do the an reindexing. it is better to do an reindexing —————————————-
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Yes, after the upgrade we did the statisics udpate and re-index. Moosa
I am wondering whether compatibility level option has got anyhting to do with the performance of database
I am also searching for that solutions only.. do you have any idea on this… Moosa
Changing the compatibility may improve your performance but not guaranteed..
First figure it out what query/procedure is running longer in 2005 than 2000 and check the query plan on both and see the difference…
Are 2005 and 2000 servers same in HW configs? check the following threads… MohammedU.
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Thanks Mohammed for the link.! Moosa