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Modifying a replicated table

How do I go about changing the size of a column on a replicated table. I’m finding that, in general, doing anything to a replicated table is a huge pain. To add a column I have had to uncheck all the current columns for that table so they aren’t replicated, then add the column, then check the columns again. Am I missing something?
All I want to do is increase the size of a varchar column. There has to be an easier way.
Thanks, Jeff
You will have to unpublish the table, make the change, and republish it. This is one of the reasons I avoid replication at all costs. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
How do you unpublish a table?
I try to uncheck the table in the Articles tab for the replication properties, and I’m never allowed to. It’s always disabled.
Take help of scripting the replication in case of unpublishing and re-publishing after the constraint correction, BOL is the first hand to help in this matter. Satya SKJ
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