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Modifying a snapshot replication

Hi, I have a replicated database that uses snapshot replication. I need to do two things. 1. Change the datasize of a column.
2. Delete some un-used tables. I can’t figure out how to do this. SQL server never lets me modify or delete the table because it’s being replicated, but I can never figure out how to remove the table from replication. I routinely add and delete columns from replicated tables. I can do this by first unselecting all the columns for the table in the replication properties dialog, re-initialize the subscription, make the changes, re-check all the columns in the replication properties dialog, then re-initialize again. This ‘trick’ doesn’t seem to work for the above two cases though. I try it and I get a message saying that SQL server cannot drop the table because it’s being replicated. So basically, how do I ‘unreplicate’ a table?
Thanks in advance, Jeff
Hi, You can refer to ‘dropsubscription’ and ‘droparticle’ procedures in BOL. Also, you can add/remove columns within a table that is published for replication from the "Filter columns" tab within publisher properties. However, if you want to drop published articles, you need to check the "show advanced options" while configuring replication. Rgds, Chetan.