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Monitor User Activity

How can we collect user activity logs to the SQL Server? Thanks

It depends on how much detail you want, and how much you are willing to do yourself, or to pay. One option is to use triggers, you write, to log user activity into a log table. Another option is to purchase audit software. There are two kinds of audit software. One kinds writers triggers for you, and the other uses the transaction log. See the Software Spotlights on this website for more info on audit software. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
we use C2 trace files which whith other components that assist in making this site FDA CFR21 part 11 complient. The trace logs users in and enters the transaction they performed. The bad part is we have to backup the *.trc files on a regular basis due to the growth. the

How about Profiler to collect users activity?
Luis Martin
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I guess I had forgotten to mention that the Profiler is whats being used.

Great suggestions… I’ll try a few of them out. Thank you!

Just a word of caution, any of these audit activities especially profiler make significant performance impact depending on how much data is being collected. Gaurav
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If you have a big network backbone and high-end network cards, you should look at running the Profiler on another server if you’re going to go down that route. We have a seperate server for collecting SQL Server trace information. All it does is collect the data and we report on it, troubleshoot the data, etc on that box instead of production. This causes "much" less load on the production SQL Server. We monitor the network bandwidth heavily needless to say, making sure there are no issues there. MeanOldDBA
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