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Monitoring AS 2005

I’m trying to know how AS is answering the requests from users and how the cube is build, but I’m not sure how. We have an Itanium running two AS 2005 Servers (a testing and an explotation server), and the machine get out of memory (even with 16 GB of RAM installed). In 6 months the service has been stopped 3 times by this reason (no memory avalible), while the developers where building or updating a cube. The service is not restarted by the OS. The thing is that I want to know if there is any utility to monitor AS. I’ve tried the Profiler, but it don’t give me a global view of what is going on with the service. With the Profiler I can’t view quickly what user is building a cube, and view what resources are been used by that request (as memory, or DB sources,etc). Thank you in advance for your advice. F. fyi… HTH Satya SKJ
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Thanks Satya, but the links you give me are not exactly what i want (maybe I’m not clear in my first message).
As the SQL Magazine article you give me by know, the Analysis Services 2005 is a black box. I can´t know how the queries are using the serves.
What i’m search is a tool (third party tool) because SQL Server Profiler is not usefull to me.