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move data between databases

Hi All,
1)Can anyone tell me what are the possible methods or moving objects(tables, views. stored procedures…..etc) individually from one database to another database in the same server? and also to a particular database in different server?
2)How can we combine 5 different databases in to a single databse in the same server? and on different server? thanks,
You can use SSIS/DTS or snapshot replication…
backup restore… It depends…
All five databases on has the same objects or different objects? MohammedU.
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If it is more frequent (also if it is highly transactional) and you want the updated data always, try to setup replication, else backup/restore is good enough.
Replication is highly suggested in thsi case to move few tables into one database, lookup at BOL in this csae for suitable one. Satya SKJ
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