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Move table to filegroup

In 2000 i could do this just like the example here
right click on table and move the table from one file group to another.. In 2005 when i right click table i cannot see anywhere to move this table from primary to my new file group. Any ideas
Did you try to move cluster index?
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Yes in SQL 2000 i could right click and move the clustered index which is data to a new
filegroup but in SQL 2005 i can’t seem to click on table and do this. The only way i am seeing is to create a filegroup make this primary then go and create the clustered index from scratch and it is saving it to new primary which seems so odd…to have to do it this way….i have to remember my entire structure of index each time… I thought there waa a way to have table a on filegroupa and table b on filegroupb regardless of cluster….
As Luis mentioned you can move clustered to index to move the table to different file group… If you want to do like 2000 EM, you can use SSMS…
Right click your table/Desing/Expand "Regular Data Sapce Specification" in properties window..
Then change the file group and save it…
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Right click your table/Desing/Expand "Regular Data Sapce Specification im on my table when i right click i only get modify?
Where you getting design ? regular data space specification cheers
In properties window…on extreme right of SSMS… MohammedU.
Oh yeah i see it ….. i had that window closed then i saw it..
Thats easier i could not see it at all Cheers
In EM you see everything in one window where as in SSMS we have to look multiple windows…