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Moving data

I am planning to move data from production to another server during my upgrage and that server doesn’t have sqlserver in it.
is it possible to store the data taken from prod and store as a text file in that C or D drive in the new server.
if it possible means how can we do that.
I think you can not do anything like storing it as text files and keep it in C or D But we have better solutions in SQL itself. Do one thing
Detach all databases like this:
EXEC sp_detach_db ‘databasename’, ‘true’ — ‘True’ stands for if you don’t want to update statistics
Best practice is, do the manual UPDATE STATISTICS before detaching, which will ensure the data integrity. Once you detached the databases, you can move these databases in the new location, where you want to install the SQL Server. Once you installed SQL server attach the database. This is quickest way of operation. All the best -Johnson

I am not sure what your intentions are by placing on a server which does not have SQL Server installed on it. You can detach/attach as johnson mentioned, but you still need sql server to be installed on the other machine to attach it. If you can stop your prodn sql server then, do so and then copy the mdf/ldf files to this other server where you don’t have SQL Server installed on it and then re-start sql server on your prodn machine, However this is NOT recommended method.
What are you upgrading? SQL Server? The OS? —
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If you want to store the data in text files, then you can use DTS to do so.
But using backup/restore approach is better than storing the data in text files.
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Is it possible to move all DBs including master,model etc.. to a new server? Or only user DBs are tranferable to new server ?
Refer to this link: Jon M