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moving from one server to another server

In our project we are moving databases from one server to another server and we are planning to shutdown the first server.
I am restoring all the databases in the new server.Other than that i moved logins, jobs .
And maintanence plans also . Other than that what are the other things needs to be moved and things need to be chacked before shutting down the old server. Thanks in advance for any help…

1. Restore all user dbs
2. Move logins — if you are not restoring master…
3. Create linked server if there are any…
4. Move jobs, alerts, operators, and ssis/dts packages — if you are not restoring msdb…
5. Set the default dbs
6. Run the sp_configure on both machines and make sure your configuration is correct on new machine… 7. Do not forget to save your user and system db backups to secured location before shutting down… Are you going use same server name as old one? MohammedU.
right now the name is different from the old server
I know you can’t keep the same name for two different servers in the same domain..
My question is.. once the new server rolled into production, do you want to change the name as old server name?
If your answer is no… you are goo…
If your answer is Yes, then you need to cleanup DNS entries and check the @@servername output if it is diffent than the machine name then you need to use sp_dropserver and sp_addserver procedures to change it…
Thanks mohammed for you help..
Refer this aritlce also Regards
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