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Moving From Test to Production Server

Hi, We are gonig to move our jobs,DTS, database to reflect the new version of our
vendor software from Test Server to Production Server. So if we are moving from test to production what are the things to be taken care
while moving. Only DTS,Database,JObs or anything other than these??
Using sp_attach and sp_detach should be sufficient if you only need to move away user’s database. However, keep in mind that attach/detach feature is risky when dealing with system db’s. (In case you want to move these as well). A backup restore is less risky even though the specific procedure for system db’s may look more complex. Just restore the MSDB database in addition to the user database.
Link for more information. Satya SKJ
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also… if there are many dts packages to move over you may want
to check out a little application called DTS 2000. DTS 2000 is really quick in moving over dts packages, but remember
you’ll need to check the ‘linked servers’ and make sure they are
also linked on the production server as well. once the dts packages are moved over properly you’ll need to disable
them cause you’ll have to open them up, and make sure the target
servers for the dts package are pointing to the new production server. once they are set up properly you can reenable them as usual. hope this is useful. – SQL.Admin – US.Florida